Full Customer Life-Cycle e-Marketing
We provide cloud-based full customer life-cycle e-marketing software and service, including email, social, mobile, web, ect.
Comprehensive eDM Analytic Report
  • View Email Status & Modified Date
  • Track Email Opens, Clicks and Bounces
  • Display Statistics on Spam Reports
  • Monitor Unsubscribes for Each Campaign
  • Show the Date/Time Stamp
Outstanding eDM Deliverability
  • Authentication Done for You
  • Maintain Relationships with ISPs
  • Bounce Management
  • Real-time Abuse Monitoring
  • Optimized Inbox Delivery
Functional Email Editor
  • User-friendly visual editor
  • Optimize results with A/B testing
Smart Email
  • Automate email creation
  • Recommend products based on customer behavior
  • Send SMS to worldwide recipients (China, Hong Kong, American, European and the rest of the world)
  • Smart phone friendly email
  • FanClub - Grow your email list with this Facebook app.
  • Email web version (search engine friendly email archive) and email subscription form on web site to acquire new customers
  • hosted web form e.g. for event registration
email sent per year
email contacts
offices in China
We have 1600 million emails sent a year, managed 200 million contacts, 5 Offices in China including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai. Good relationship with worldwide ISPs, including China (QQ mail, 163 mail), USA (Yahoo/Hotmail/Gmail), Russia (mail.ru), etc.

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